Sea Turtle Meditation Ornament Decor Statue


√ Exquisite Room Sculptures

The Sea Turtle statue is suitable for various occasions, such as living room, bedroom, office, bookshelf, desk, home, balcony, outdoor garden, meditation, yoga room or anywhere you want to make a collection of figurines.

√ Modern Aesthetic Design

Ingenious design decorative ornaments are realistic in shape and fine in workmanship, with exquisite and realistic images. The novel decoration adds a unique style to your home decoration, adding color and fun.

√ Stress Relief Toy

The meditating sea turtle can soothe people’s inner irritability. You can put it next to you when you do yoga or meditation. It can also be used as a stress-relief gift.

√ Durable Material

Every aspect is made from durable resin with a natural finish and has been given a protective coating to ensure that the product is not easy to fade. The highest quality material ensures durability.





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