Neck Massager with Heat


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1. The upgraded generation is only 1165g, with a smaller body and lighter weight.
2. Hands-free design, you can relax anytime, anywhere.
3. The hand-shaped structure quickly relieves tension, reduces neck pain, relieves pain and fatigue.
4. Made of stitched soft and durable PU leather and high density yoga fabric, removable and washable. 5. The internal massage head is made of PVC material, which is flexible and elastic.
6.NTC intelligent temperature control, two-level hot compression, 2°C& amp; 39 ℃。 50. High quality brushless motor, low noise, working without freezing.
7. Two adjustable modes, vigor mode and relax mode.
8. Adjustable intensity to suit different massage needs.

Material: pu leather, metal accessories


Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

Rated voltage: 5V

Charging time:3hours


Grey, Beige


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