Garden Post Lawn Digger Bit with Hex Drive


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  • This drill bit is designed to pull the ground up, creating a hole in the soil
  • You can use this to drill holes in your lawn to plant all your plants
  • The drill is designed like a spiral that pulls the soil up as it drills down
  • This drill can work on even hard soil as it has a specially designed auger
  • You will be able to attach this drill bit to most standard power drills
  • With this, you will be able to drill into the ground up to 30cm
  • You can also use this to drill holes in the sand to anchor your umbrellas
  • Made from a strong and durable metal steel material that will last
  • Small drill bit – 4cm x 22cm
  • Large drill bit – 8cm x 30cm

Large:8cm x 30cm, Small:4cm x 22cm


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