Foot Circulation EMS & TENS Nerve Muscle Massager



EMS Pulse Physiotherapy:

Low frequency microcurrent pulse physiotherapy can relieve muscle pain; It has the function of beautifying the legs; EMS pulses penetrate the cortex deeply, stimulate nerve lines under the bark, relaxation and muscle self -control exercises, massage the soles of the feet, unlock the meridians and rejuvenate their feet. Relax the tight muscle groups, relieve muscle pain after exercise and relieve pain in time


7 Modes:

Acupuncture mode: Capture acupuncture points, relax the muscles; Gua Sha: Activate plantar nerves; Massage mode: intelligently massage plantar muscles; Kneading mode: helps strengthen the calf muscles; Elbow mode: relaxes the foot muscles; VENTOSAS MODE: Help plants relax and relieve fatigue; 50 types of force; cycle mode, which allows you to experience different relaxation methods. A variety of ways to meet your daily needs.


Separate design:

The host can also be used with electrode pads to massage other parts of the body; Detachable use is equivalent to a physiotherapy instrument. It can be used as back massage or to relax waist, thighs, legs, neck, arms, etc. Multipurpose massage, ideal gift for mom, dad, ladies, gentlemen.


Timing and visualization:

Chronicle use for 30-60 minutes, intelligent timing; automatic off after 30 minutes after ignition; Smart LCD screen controller, adjust massage mode, strength, temperature at will, easy to use; Help improve blood circulation and relieve body fatigue and promote better sleep quality.


Folding design:

light design is easy to transport and can be used in the office, at home, in bed or on the couch. Simple operation, feet massage that can be easily used by elders and children. Non -slip feet: stable and not easy to move.




Product material: ABS + Electronic components.

Product mode: 7 modes

March selection: 50 positions

Massage method: Electric current massage.

Massage area: body massage/body electrotherapy

Heating function: 3 marches (38-42-45 Celsius)

Power supply:100-240V AC


What’s in the packaging:

1*Electric pulse -legproof massageator

1*UK/EU adapter




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