Detachable Smart Hula Hoop


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Hula hoop: Get a detachable weighted hula hoop.
Design: Designed with detachable pieces to suit any body!
Detachable: As you exercise, the hoop can be adjusted to you!
Weighted: Provides great exercise with this weighted hoop as part of a healthy lifestyle!
Durable: Convenient and long-lasting, this is the perfect addition to any exercise routine.
Material: Made from ABS plastic.

12 section:Suitable for waist circumference: 50-75cm

18 section:Suitable for waist circumference: 50-103cm

21 section:Suitable for waist circumference: 50-115cm

24 knots:Suitable for waist circumference: 50-127cm



12 section, 21 section, 24 section, 18 section


Pink, Purple


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