Blood Pressure Monitor with LCD Display


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Easy to read large LCD display.
The device has the average of the last three display function.
kPa and mmHg display switching and measurement functions.
Clock function:year,month,day,hour,minute setting.
Low Battery Display.
Overpressure protection function:The device will exhaust fast automatically if the pressure is more than 300mmHg.
Automatically shutdown in one minute with no operation.
Heartbeat prompting voice.
Measurement completed prompting voice.
Incorrect prompting function.

Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display
Measurement method: oscillometric method
Measuring range: Pressure: 0~280mmHg Pulse rate: 40 times/min~199 times/min
Accuracy: Pressure: ±3mmHg Pulse rate: ±5%
Power: 4*AA batteries( not included)
Normal working environment: Temperature 5~40°C Humidity ≤80%RH
Transportation and storage environment: Humidity -20~55°C Humidity 10%~90%RH
Measurable arm circumference: approx. 22cm~32cm
Weight: about 535 grams
Dimensions (host): about 126mm long * 96mm wide * 60mm high
Safety Classification: Internal Power Type B
Pressurization method: Pressure adjustment mode of vibrating plate pump
Quick exhaust mode: Extreme speed exhaust valve opening method
Pressure detection: semiconductor pressure sensor
Pulse Detection: Semiconductor Pressure Sensor

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