2m Garden Hedge Trellis with Artificial Foliage


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  • Transform your garden with the 2m Garden Hedge Trellis with Artificial Foliage
  • This handy trellis includes artificial flowers and beautiful foliage for a floral finish
  • Can be stretched up to 200cm long to create borders or barriers in your garden
  • Trellis is made from solid wood and designed for use outside day after day
  • Ideal for hiding bins or walls, as well as dividing up areas of the garden
  • Simple to install – just press the stakes into the ground
  • Add some stability with a few ties or nails if required
  • With 11 different colours and styles of flower to choose from
  • Choose from: sunflowers, pink rose, champagne rose, white rose ,red rose or rosy rose
  • Or: pink cherry, champagne cherry, white cherry, red cherry or rosy cherry

champagne cherry, champagne rose, pink cherry, pink rose, red cherry, red rose, rosy cherry, rosy rose, sunflowers, white cherry, white rose


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